Growing in Faith, Enriching Minds, Inspiring Service

For 60 years All Saints Catholic School has provided academic excellence to the Puyallup Valley and surrounding communities. At All Saints Catholic School, the gospel message is evident in the lives of the faculty, staff, parents and students, and reinforced in their daily school activities. This builds the whole child to be an apostle of Christ and meet the academic challenges of High School and beyond with confidence and grace.

Why All Saints School?

A Catholic education challenges students with high standards for academic achievement, morality and personal growth. Students in Catholic schools are renowned for their academic excellence, and routinely score within the top 1/3 on national standardized tests. At All Saints Catholic School we recognize that parents and family are primary educators and join with us to form a living community of shared values.

  • Students grow in their faith through classes and activities in Scripture, Sacraments, Church, and morality.
  • At All Saints School we nurture the value of self discipline and commitment.
  • Faculty and Staff are role models; sharing their faith, talents, and time.
  • Though not all students who attend Catholic Schools are Catholic, all share experiences of faith and values.
  • Catholic Schools recognize that parents and family are primary educators and joins with them to form a living community of shared visions.
  • Catholic Schools prepare students to accept the challenges of being a Christian in tomorrow’s world.

Values promoting understanding, compassion, and service to those in need, are an important part of the Catholic school experience. As a faith community, we encourage students to accept others rather than exclude them, and to understand the difference between right and wrong. Students commit themselves to the service of God through service to others.


Monday, January 15 - No School/ELC Closed - Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday

Tuesday, January 16 - State of the School - 6:30p Puyallup campus lunch room

Wednesday, January 17 - Mass (P) 8:30a - 2A visiting

Monday, January 22 - 7th grade to Mass for Life

Wednesday, January 24 - Mass (P) 8:30a - 2B visiting; Early Release 1:30p (F); 2p (P)

Friday, January 26 - 3rd grade Pt. Defiance Zoo

Saturday, January 27 - Family Fun Auction - Parish Center 5:30p