Our goal is to create active disciples of Christ who serve others, make a difference in the world and participate in their faith and civic communities.  

We encourage our students to incorporate their faith in everyday life and discern appropriate responses to life’s challenges. Students learn the building blocks of compassion and are given opportunities to demonstrate this value through various community service projects.  

As a faith community, we encourage students to accept others rather than exclude them, and to understand the difference between right and wrong. Students commit themselves to the service of God through service to others. 

Though not all students who attend our school are Catholic, all share experiences of faith and values. We begin each day in prayer and as a community celebrate mass. Each class plans a special liturgy during the school year including the crowning of Mary in May. We close our year with a beautiful Baccalaureate Mass for our 8th graders. Graduates leave understanding Gospel values such as compassion, integrity, forgiveness, and courage. 

Academically, we provide a challenging core curriculum that stimulates students to reason, question, evaluate, discover, and create.  

The faculty and staff are committed to differentiation in the classroom to ensure that each student is challenged and encouraged to reach their fullest potential.  Both traditional and innovate approaches are used to maximize learning. 


Mission Statement

All Saints School is a faith based community that inspires children to live the gospel, promotes academic excellence, and encourages families and parishes to nurture children to be apostles of Christ.