School-Wide Learning Expectations (SLE's)

The Basic Education Act of 1993 led to the development of four learning goals which have provided the foundation for the development of all academic learning standards in Washington State.

At All Saints School we have adapted and expanded upon these standards to fit the Catholic school model. Our Student Learning Expectations (SLE's) were first developed as part of the self-study for our first accreditation in 1998. Since that time, they have gone through various revisions. The SLE's provide a benchmark against which excellence can be measured in a tangible way.

The following is a listing of our SLE's and can be found posted in every classroom.

All Saints Catholic School Students Are:

Growing in Faith ~

  • Demonstrate  knowledge of Catholic beliefs, practices, and traditions
  • Participate in prayer, liturgical, and sacramental experiences
  • Demonstrate respect of self, others, and God

Enriching Minds ~

  • Demonstrate grade-level appropriate knowledge and skills in all academic areas
  • Demonstrate critical and independent thinking skills to solve problems in everyday life
  • Set goals and work to accomplish them

Inspiring Service ~

  • Develop a tradition of service
  • Contribute positively to the community and church
  • Work actively for the common good