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Grad Year Name Update
1960 Margaret "Peggy" (Klym) Pfau I attended All Saints from first through fourth grades. I have often thought of my grade school friends. This year would be the 40th year since 8th grade graduation, and I am curious if there was a reunion this year (I know it is a bit late in the year to be thinking about it). I remember that Jeannie Crumb was one of my grade school friends. I also remember Linda Pilcher,the Funk, Bacon and Carleen and Rollman twins. I have such fond memories of All Saints and the priests and nuns (Father O'Brian, Father Delehante (sp?) Sister Claude, Sister Stanisia, Mrs. Ropke.) I now live in Rockford, Illinois. I work as a speech pathologist in the public schools. My husband is John Pfau and we have two daughters, Laura (20) and Emily (18).
(Update submitted in 2004.)
1963 Alan J. Keefe

I attended All Saints from the second through 6th grade. Graduated from PHS in 1969 and completed university later in life with a BS in Business Admin. I am a commercial lender based in Seattle and have been married for 29 years. Love to travel and have enjoyed several trips to Europe along with Australia and New Zealand. I play as much tennis as I can and enjoy being active in the USTA leagues competing against other tennis clubs. Life is pretty good overall.
(Update submitted in Jan. 2009.)

1964 Dick Bacon

Graduated PHS 1968, CWSC 1974, Retired from Federal Way School District 2004. Three grown children, two have graduated from college. I'm now living in the Puyallup Valley and spending as much time in the mountains as possible.
(Update submitted in Mar. 2006.)

1965 Kenn Sandell UW Grad, Married 33.33 yrs, 2 kids, etc.
(Update submitted in Oct. 2008.)
1965 R. Patrick Orris I am enjoying the great experience of life. Number one event is life with my one and only wife, Debbie of 32 years together. Now we can watch and enjoy our two daughters deal with their life happenings. Also, we are the proud grandparents of a 4 year old girl. All through my life I have had a Puyallup address and am now living about three blocks from where I grew-up. Even better, I also work in Puyallup. Even though we live and work in town, we have enjoyed seeing "the world" by exploring Western Europe on two great vacations. While at home I am entertained with my hobbies, car repairs (1967 VW Bus & 1964 VW Bug) and various woodworking projects.
(Update submitted in 2004.)
1968 Patti Gregory Rogers High Class of 1972. Retired from the US Diplomatic Corps in 2004 after a career that took me to most of the 45 countries I've visited. I'm still traveling a fair bit on my own. My daughter Lucy is getting married next winter at Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church in Sun Valley, Idaho. I'd love to catch up with former classmates, if you are interested, you can get my e-mail from the All Saints development office.
(Update submitted Aug. 2008.)
1971 Christy (Boyle) Stolz Single
Three grown sons (Mike, Steven & Andrew)
Flight Attendant/Alaska Airlines
(Update submitted Sept. 2009.)
1979 Karoline J (Mock) Doyea I have been married for almost seven years, and we have one daughter named Brittany. She now attends All Saints as well. I am the office manager for South Hill Veterinary Hospital. My husband works for CertainTeed Inc. as the service supervisor. We enjoy working in our yard and on our house.
(Update submitted in 2004.)
1980 Mary (Keller) Bean Graduated Bellarmine Prep 1984, attended various community colleges: no degree yet. Postponed furthering of education due to marriage and family; have two boys, Jason age 16 and Garrett age 5. Husband Nigel, married in 2000. Plan to finish degree in the fall when Garrett starts school.
(Update submitted in Dec. 2006.)
1981 Michael Meyer I graduated from St. Dominic High in '85. I went to numerous colleges only to get my AA (how disappointing). I have been married for 16 years and have two step sons (18 & 21). I'm working as a validation engineer (contractor) and travel all over the US. We have two yorkies (Gucci and Chanel), which we breed and sell puppies. I lived in MO for 21 years, San Diego, CA for 16 years, and Lake Charles, LA for 5 years thus far. I'm just finding some All Saints alumni on Facebook. Great to reunite.
(Update submitted in July 2009.)
1981 Delight Satter Bethel Senior High School, Ft. Steilacoom CC, Highline CC (AA), University of Washington (BA), University of Minnesota (MPH). I am currently the Director, American Indian Research Program, UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. I am married with one child.
(Update submitted in July 2007.)
1982 Tom Carroll All Saints for me was the best eight years of my life, and in the midst of growing older and hopefully wiser, there are so many times I wish I was ten again and playing on the playround! I don't think I had a care in the world when I was that age!
(Update submitted in 2004.)
1983 Steve Harper

Attended Bellarmine Prep for two years. Graduated from Rogers High. Was accepted into the IBEW union electrical apprenticeship, and earned Journeyman Wireman status in 1993. Worked as a union electrician for 13 years, and after completing the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, accepted a full time teaching position with the Southwest Washington IBEW Apprenticeship providing classroom instruction for electrical apprentices.

I am married to a wonderful, beautiful woman, Cindy. We have three boys, Austin 17, Hayden 14, and Dalton 12. We live on 10 acres in a little town called Vaughn with 3 horses 5 chickens, and numerous dogs and cats. All Saints really helped set me on the correct path. I will never forget my time there. My mom and dad still live in the same house on South Hill, and all my sisters and my brother still live in the area. God has been very good to us. God Bless.
(Update submitted Sept. 2009.)

1984 John T. Keefer Hello fellow All Saints Alumni from 1982-1985. Well I left All Saints after Mrs. Fjetland seven grade class and attended Ferrucci Jr. High and then onto Gov. John R. Rogers. I currently live outside of South Bend, IN (home of the Notre Dame fighting Irish) with my wife and our beautiful five year old son. There currently are a number of fellow classmates on Facebook that have been exchanging e-mail, family photos and just re-connecting. I would love to hear from any of you.
(Update submitted in May 2009.)
1984 Donna (Brooks) Ganly Turk (Left All Saints in 1982 after 6th grade)
I am married with kids and just trying to reconnect.
(Update submitted in February 2010.)
1985 Kevin Schulz

Been traveling the world. I'm in Taiwan at the moment teaching English and playing music. Making money to build an orphanage in Mexico, anyone wanna come and help? I'm at kevinschulzsolo and If you went to school with me at All Saints I would love to hear from you.

Some Christmas or Easter me and Mike Masters really want to put together an All Saints reunion before everyone is in their graves. We get together quite often and talk about the A.S. days and wish we could get ahold of you all...

(Update submitted June 2007.)

1986 Philip Monsanto

B.S. Forest Resources, University of Washington 1997
Peace Corps Dominican Republic 1998-2000
Smoke Jumper 1995-1996
Worked for National Park Service, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management in Fire Management
Attending University of Washington Graduate School
(Update submitted Sept. 2005.)

1987 Teresa Jank What GREAT memories I have of my 8 years at All Saints. Currently I am a nurse working part time on the Mother/Baby unit of a local hospital. I am married and have 3 wonderful children ages 13, 7 and 5. I would love to connect with my old All Saints friends!!
(Update submitted Nov. 2009.)
1988 Andy Sayre I went to All Saints School first through third grade. I am 33 now. I have so many great memories of this school. I remember sister Claude very well, Father Quinn, and Father Pat Ryan. I now live in Sacramento, CA. Some of you may remember my parents, Bill and Joann Sayre, who were very involved. My older brother, Willie Sayre, also attended the school. If you remember any of us, I would love to be contacted.
(Update submitted Jan. 2008.)
1989 Mario Iovino After Puyallup High School, I graduated from Washington State University in 1997 with a BA in Marketing and International Business. I moved to San Francisco and have been here six years. No marriage, no kids yet…Hope all is going well.
(Update submitted in 2004.)
1989 Kathleen (Guillette) Medley I was married to a man in the US Navy in 1994 and had two wonderful children, Kyle and Kimberly. We were stationed in Washington, Connecticut and Guam before my divorce a few years ago. I moved back to Puyallup from Guam with my two children and now attend St Martin's University in pursuit of a degree in Accounting while working full time at a Tacoma accounting firm. I am currently engaged to a wonderful man named Andrew, and will be married at St Andrew's Parish in Sumner on 07/07/2007.
(Update submitted Apr. 2006.)
1989 Mark Maresca Wow, so many memories from All Saints! After graduation we moved to St. Charles, Missouri, where I attended a Catholic high school. After a year of college, I served four years in the Airforce and got to see a lot of dusty places with camels :) I met and married a wonderful Mexican girl named Leticia, and we settled in Boise, Idaho. No kids yet, just a little chihuahua. I currently work as a courier for a medical imaging company. I was recently training to be a helicopter pilot but the school went out of business and stole all the students' $$$. A big mess, but we all have lawyers now. Mario Iovino and I stay in touch...that's about it. He's married and has a kid now. He chats with Greg Hagstrom from time to time. I was back in Puyallup last year and ran into Peggy Fjetland(?) at church. Ah...good times! Take care all.
(Update submitted May 2008.)
1989 Cari (Stredicke) Carlson Hi everyone! My sister Shelley (class of 87) and I just set up a Facebook All Saints Puyallup Alumni group. I think it would be fun for us from the class of '89 to connect since 2009 will be our 20 year reunion. I think everyone who was ever in our class through our 8 years should get together.
(Update submitted July 2008.)
1989 Katie Zech

After 6th grade at All Saints I went to Kalles, then Puyallup, and then onto Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. I graduated with a BA in Journalism/Mass Communication. I was a co-captain on the soccer team, and my senior year we were the Heart of American Athletic Conference champions for the first time in college history. Washington and it's green trees and mountains drew me home, and since graduation I have purchased a condo on the South Hill, play rec soccer, and keep busy with my freelance work in taping and editing weddings. My full time job is as a graphic designer for a small advertising agency in Puyallup. No marriage or kids yet, just enjoying single life.
(Update submitted Mar. 2006.)

1990 Michele McCarthy After attending Bellarmine, I graduated from Central Washington University. I have since then had numerous positions such as working on board Holland America cruise lines and personal training. I recently got engaged and have moved back home….
(Update submitted in 2004.)
1990 Nicholas Kerkhoff Bellarmine...Santa Clara...Life!
(Update submitted in 2005.)
1990 Tom Riddell After Bellarmine, I went on to graduate from Albertson College of Idaho. After a few years, I returned to school to receive my Masters in Education at Eastern Washington University. I am currently teaching at the Kent Technology Academy on the Mill Creek Middle School campus in Kent, where I am also the head basketball coach. I was married in 2005, and we are expecting our first child in September of 2007.
(Update submitted Apr. 2007.)
1990 Tianna Zacher I attended Pierce College and the University of Washington. I then became a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines and moved to Boston. I recently moved back to Seattle and am studying to be a teacher at City University in Bellevue.
(Update submitted Oct. 2005.)
1991 Travis Royce I moved to Denver, CO, for a year, moved to Casper, Wyoming, in '94, graduated from Natrona County High School and married in '95, and have two teenagers and a wife of 15 years. I have been a radio DJ since '01. I am also the Music/Program Director for cluster of six radio stations, host a Sunday Night Blues Show, and own a night club.
(Update submitted June 2010.)
1992 Gina Graves Mattsen I have been married for the past eight years to John Graves. We have four children and one Angel in Heaven. Their names are Rachael (the angel), Timmy, Justin, and twin girls McKayla and McKenzie. We are living in Anchorage, AK, and love it here. We are owner's of a Quizno's Classic Subs. I am working part time with my hubby and enjoying just being a mommy.
(Update submitted in 2004.)
1993 Michael Chambers After I graduated from All Saints I went to Bellarmine, from which I graduated in 1997, and then I graduated from Gonzaga in Spokane in 2001. In 2002, I was a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and served as a kindergarten aide at Loyola Grade School in Denver, CO. I am now attending Marquette on the Trinity Scholars Fellowship in order to pursue my MA in History.
(Update submitted in 2004.)
1995 Mario Penalver Sept. 1997 to 1999- Teen Panelist for USA Today
May, 1999- Led student march and rally for high teacher salaries; guest speaker at state WEA rally in Olympia.
June, 1999- GED from Foss High School, Tacoma, WA
Sept., 1999- Enrolled at Pacific Lutheran U.(PLU), Tacoma, WA
Sept. 2001 to May 2003- Member of PLU's Night of Musical Theatre
May, 2003- BA in English from PLU
Summer, 2003- Studied English in London through New York U.
Jan., 2004- Produced/Directed parish dinner theatre at All Saints
Feb., 2004- Co-founded ASTRA (All Saints Theatrical Repertoire Association)
Aug., 2004- Produced/Directed first ASTRA dinner musical at All Saints
Sept., 2004 to Current- Enrolled in St. John's Seminary in southern CA
(Update submitted in 2004.)
Michele Corey Kaipainen

I am married to Aron Kaipainen. We have two children Isaac (pre-k at All Saints) and Cameron. I am currently a student in my fourth year/Residency for my Doctorate of Clinical Psychology.
(Update submitted in 2004.)

1996 Jennifer Klouse

After graduating from All Saints in 1996 (I can't believe it's been 10 years now), I went on to graduate from Bellarmine Preparatory in 2000, and from there, earned a Performance Degree (with minors in theater and German language studies) from Eastern Washington University. I just returned from a tour of Austria, Switzerland, and southern Germany with another All Saints alum, Jennifer Brennan. I now work as a travel consultant for a large firm in Federal Way. I perform whenever I can and just finished working with Northwest Arts Company's production of "The Music Man".
(Update submitted Feb. 2006.)

1997 Brian Haley I moved from Puyallup in the middle of seventh grade to California. I am currently working on a career in writing.
(Update submitted in 2004.)


2000 Maura Butkey I am currently a senior at Bellarmine Prep. (Let Mr. Barker know that I am running cross country!) I am enjoying my time at Bellarmine and would like to thank all of the teachers at All Saints. I have a lot of great memories that will stay with me forever.
(Update submitted in 2005.)
2002 Zabrina Broadsword I am currently a senior at Bellarmine Preparatory School. I will be attending Washington State Unversity next fall to start my nursing degree.
(Update submitted Apr. 2006.)
2002 Mandy (Pagel) Tracy

On June 9, 2007, I got married to Christopher Tracy. Since then I have moved from Washington to Colorado for school and envirnomental purposes. I work as a processing clerk at a business called US Reports.
(Update submitted July 2008.)

Currently I'm still at Bellarmine, but this fall I will be going to Evergreen State College. Over the years I have been an active participant at Lakewood Playhouse, as an actor, a crew member, and a techie. I also performed, last year, in ASTRA's Five Ghosts of Ebeneezer Scrooge. I work at Cloverleaf Tavern.
(Update submitted Apr. 2006.)

2003 Traci Stluka Hey everyone! I am currently a senior at Emerald Ridge High School (along with some other All Saints alumni). For the last couple years I've participated in gymnastics, student council, and speech & debate. I've met some awesome people, but Emily Butler and I are still the best of friends. I would love to see or get in touch with some people from my class before the end of my senior year!
(Update submitted July 2006.)
2003 Catherine Buchalski

I left All Saints after sixth grade in 2001 to move to New Jersey. Since then, my family relocated to New Hampshire where I am a Junior at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. I am involved in SADD, NHS, Drama and youth leadership. I continue to play varsity volleyball and Spring track.
(Update submitted in Apr. 2006.)

I would like to be able to contact my old sixth grade classmates and the girls that I played volleyball with, (Kirstyn Druzianich, Emily Butler, Kelley Pendrak, and Traci Stluka). If you are interested, you may get my contact info. from the All Saints development office.

2004 Lauren James

I am currently a sophmore at Bellaremine Prep High School and will be a junior next year (or in a couple of days). I was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 and just recently finished all of my treatment. I sing in the Bellarmine Prep Vocal Ensemble and have been in two of their musicals: Into the Woods and Grease. I plan on doing two more before I graduate.
(Update submitted June 2006.)

2004 David Diggle

Yo every body, I haven't been gone from All Saints for too long now, but hey...I'm still alumni! lol. So anywaiz i thot I might as well tell yall bout my summer so far. Basically i've been camping around here and there. Me and the fam. drove to Arizona with the camper in the back, we passed through Vegas, California, and made our way back here. I also spent some time with my dad's side of the family over in Shelton. We spent a weekend by the river, just kickin back. I've been doin a little bit of writing here and there. I'm almost 100% sure that's gonna be my occupation when i get older. I'm gonna write books and when u guys start readin em, u can stop by my house and i'll sign em for ya, lol. I've been messin around with a few ideas lately. One of them i call The SLave Driver, but i've taken a temporary break from it because i'm not sure where i'm goin with it. I'm stuck on chapter 16 or sumtin. I also had a nice idea that has to do with a perfect family that gets torn apart when this guys wife gets murdered and his daughter kidnapped. But aside from that i've also been toying with the idea of writing a book on a certain school i went to. I'm actually considering the idea of writing a novel on the lives of the graduating class of 2004 when they were going to All Saints. It sounds crazy and i might never do it, but hey i gotta have something to think bout this summer. Anywaiz, i've rambled on for a good while now, I hope all the alumni from the school i never got the chance to meet, are doing good, and i wish well on the alumni i consider my closest friends. Peace out fellow eagles.
P.S. i'm totally excited for starting high school at Bellarmine, wish me luck yall. Of course i'll never forget i'm an Eagle before i'm a Lion. Peace!
(Update submitted in 2004.)

2005 Elise Bailey

Hey everyone! I haven't talked to most of you in over a year! As you all know, I moved last minute to Virginia, literally a day before my school started. I attended Paul Vi Catholic High School. I randomly decided to try out for the softball team freshman year with my friends (I have never played in my life) and ironically enough, I made it! My school has uniforms...they aren't too bad compared to other schools except this past year the dean of students thought it would be fun to have everyone wear uniform shoes; they are unisex and extremely ugly. It's not working out too well -haha. I haven't been doing too much since I moved. I don't like it out here, and this move pretty much ruined my high school experience...and life. But it's all good; I'm getting used to everything. However, my mom decided she didn't want me at this school anymore and is making me go to a small boarding school near Virginia Beach called St. Margaret. So its like moving all over again - yay! haha!

Well I'm going to be a junior this year. Only two more years until college! Wow, time goes by so fast! I'm thinking about going to UW...but I'm still not sure yet.

My parents are doing fine. My mom starting teaching at my school last year (ew!) as a math teacher. She likes it for the most part. My dad's work is stressful, but he's managing to do well out here. My brothers are both gone so I'm by myself. It's mainly my mother and I because my dad works so late. But in a few months, it's going to be just my parents...or mainly my mom.

I miss all of you at All Saints and Bellarmine so much! You have no idea! I have so many memories at All Saints. I want to thank all the faculty that helped me get to where I am today. Thanks to all my classmates that were there for me and made my last year great! I really appreciate it, and I'm sorry I'm not there to experience high school with you all! I miss every one of you so much! Hopefully, I can see you all soon! IM me or write to me so we can keep in touch!

Oh, and Mr. Parent - I'm way ahead of all these Virginians on computers. some barely know how to use Word and Excel!! I aced that course easily. I'm like a computer genius out here =]
Love you all!
(Update submitted June 2007.)


Rachel Hamre I havent done much in a year. I now go to Aylen Jr. High. I have made many new friends, but I will never forget my friends at All Saints. We had many good times together. It's a lot different to go to a public school after going to All Saints for nine years. I still love to play volleyball. I hope sometime in the future we all meet up. I miss all of my 2005 All Saints graduates.
(Update submitted Apr. 2006.)
2005 Erika Grosch Hey Everyone! I don't get to see you all that much now that I am going to Bellarmine. Although my mom does work in the office, so you can see me there occasionally. Yeah, I am currently attending Bellarmine as a freshman, and it's really cool. Not to say that I didn't like All Saints, but high school is pretty sweet. I am still playing soccer and made the C team last fall, but was also a JV swinger. Basketball and volleyball are still my hobbies, but I was unable to tryout for the school team. I still hang out with the old All Saints group, but I have made soo many new friends as well. Well yeah, that's pretty much it. See you around All Saints! Go eagles, and lions, and class of '09!
(Update submitted Mar. 2006.)
2005 Gillian Johnson

I am attending Life Christian Academy in Tacoma, which I enjoy very much. I am also playing on the girls volleyball team there and have made lots of new friends.
(Update submitted Dec. 2005.)

2005 Zach Maes

I have been attending Saint Patrick School in Tacoma. I've been missing all you guys! Carson, Ally, Noelle...
(Update submitted May 2009.)

2008 Mark Parrott I just started my freshmen year at Kennedy High School. Being the only kid from All Saints attending JFK, I was pretty nervous going into orientation. I found it easy to make friends, though. I still try to keep in touch with all my friends from All Saints. At Kennedy I'm playing football and baseball. That's pretty much it. See you all around All Saints. GO CLASS OF All Saints, Class of '08!
(Update submitted Sept. 2008.)
2008 Maddie Sessler

I am currently attending Bellarmine Prep and loving every moment of it. I miss All Saints a lot. I am currently only doing girls bowling. But starting in February, I am starting CBRC crew. :) I had a great 10 years at All Saints, and I wish to come see everyone soon! :)

Mrs. Brennan- I miss your lit circles class and your religion class. I would much rather be learning that stuff! :)

Mrs. Corey- The thing I miss the most is doing the dances and other stuff for the play.

Mr. Parent- I know you are not there, but I miss you giving McKenzie and I a bad time about talking so much! :(

Mr. D- I miss being in your class and you teasing me! :) GO ZAGS!

Mrs. Newkirk- I miss being in your classroom not knowing if you were going to fly around on your broomstick and landing on someone and turning them into toast! :)

Ms. Buxell- I miss your spelling tests, not! :) Haha, I actually miss learning in your class. Did you know that my new English teacher said I was good with grammar! :) :) :) :) I am was so thrilled about that! :)


(Update submitted Jan. 2009.)

2008 Greg Schmidt Hey guys my name is Greg Schmidt, and I attended All Saints for 10 years. I am currently the only All Saints alumni to attend Bishop Blanchet High School in Seattle. I was nervous going to Blanchet since I didn't know anyone. However, I made friends very easily at Blanchet and started loving every minute of it. I do basketball and football at Blanchet. We are currently 4-9 which really isn't a good record at all. I still keep in contact with a lot of my old friends from All Saints School. All Saints taught me a lot of things in my tenure their. Firstly, it prepared me for high school so I could start up high school and start getting good grades right out of the gates. Secondly, All Saints helped teach me how to go out and be professional. Lastly, All Saints taught me how to love God with all my heart. All Saints has done a wonderful job with its school, and I will miss it. Thank you teachers for helping shape me into the person I am today.
(Update submitted in Jan. 2009.)