The All Saints School Development Office is located in the Puyallup campus office. Our focus is to establish relationships with families by helping them give their time, talent and treasure in a way that is productive and fun for them. Our goal is to help our families bridge the gap between the actual cost of tuition and the amount of tuition we charge. This difference is well over $1,700/per student.

We bridge this gap through Major Fundraising:

  • Mixed Bag Design & Believe Kids Sales
  • Fair Parking
  • Annual Campaign
  • Annual Auction   

What can I do to Help?

  • Volunteer for theses fundraisers
  • Buy SCRIP; don’t stop at your contracted amount!
  • Encourage family members to purchase SCRIP as well
  • Sell Mixed Bag Design & Believe Kids products to family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.      
  • Park in our Fair Parking lot & spread the word to family & friends to do the same
  • Support our Annual Campaign through your tax-deductible gift
  • Designate All Saints School as the beneficiary of your United Way Account
  • Match your donations through your Employer’s Gift Matching Program (if applicable)
  • Match your volunteer hours through your employers Matching Volunteer Hour Program (if applicable)     
  • Procure items for our Auction
  • If you own a business, become an Auction sponsor
  • On behalf of your family become an Auction sponsor     
  • Attend the Auction and bring your friends & family
  • Link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to All Saints Catholic School