A printable version of the supply list for the 2017-2018 school year is available below.
2017-2018 School Supply List 

Earthquake Kits

Earthquake kits are required for each student and are stored in their classrooms during the school year.The sixth grade class will be selling pre-assembled earthquake kits to raise money for camp at the beginning of the school year.

The students and teachers at All Saints are preparing classrooms for earthquake emergency preparedness. As part of our program, we are requiring all students to put together a “comfort kit” with their parents' help. The “comfort kit” is intended to help make students more comfortable in the event that they have to stay at school for an extended period of time during an emergency.

Option I: Purchase kit from 6th grade at beginning of school year
Option 2: Make your own kit with items listed below

Recommended Supplies For Earthquake Kit

The following supplies are recommended for an individual earthquake kit for school, home, office, and car. This kit contains the bare essentials necessary to sustain life, you are encouraged to add to this list as you desire and are able.

Place these items in a gallon size zip-lock plastic bag labeled with your child's name:

  • One bottle of water
  • One can of soup
  • 2 small boxes or cans of juice
  • One small box of cereal (individual size)
  • One small (5oz.) container of pudding
  • Three plastic spoons
  • 2 large heavy duty trash bags
  • family photo and/or parent letter

(The food items are suggestions. Please customize the kit to your child’s likes and medical needs. Items should be securely packaged and easy to open.)