The  Parent Organization runs several of the school fundraising programs.
Most  of these fundraisers are ongoing and help support
the many school events we  sponsor throughout the year.
Please show your school spirit and support!


Safeway Club Card:

Shop at SAFEWAY and earn money for All Saints! Link your Safeway club card with  All Saints School and a percentage of your purchases will be given back to our  school. Click here for more info.



Every year, the UPCs you  save and send to our school allow us to select FREE equipment and supplies for  our teachers and classrooms! The items we select are much needed and ones we  would otherwise have to pay for. Recently, we were able to purchase a new  digital camera for the school through this program! The participating products  are not just Campbell's. Please show your support for this excellent program!

If you are able to attach your labels to the following sheets, we receive extra points!
1 Point Sheet
5 Points Sheet
10 Points Sheet                                                          


All  Saints School receives 10¢ for each box top submitted! The money received from  this program goes to the Parent Organization to fund such events as the Armory  Dinners, Family Fun Nights, The Lip Sync, and other Parent Organization events. Click Here for optional send-in form.


Used Uniforms:

Used Uniforms is an ongoing school fundraiser. Anyone interested in purchases can contact the Used Uniform Chair, Rosie VanLoh at
Donations are appreciated and taken at each campus.

Click Here For Order Form                                                                                                           



The Scholastic Book Fair is held during parent / teacher conferences. Books for  all age students are available for purchase. Volunteers are needed to help run  the Book Fair. Proceeds from the Book Fair are used to purchase new library  books at each campus.