All Saints School Parent Organization

All parents/guardians with children enrolled at All Saints School are members of the Parent Organization. The purpose of this organization is to provide educational, emotional, financial, and spiritual support for the students, parents and staff of All Saints School.

More specifically, the Parent Organization exists to:
  • Promote school and parish spirit through its sponsored activities.
  • Provide cultural, educational and civic enrichment opportunities for parents.
  • Support the school staff and students through fund raising and commitment hours.
  • Maintain good communication between home and school.
  • Provide a vehicle through which parents can provide service to the school.


Parent Org will be hosting family fun nights in the "Collin’s Pirate Gallery" (social hall) at the Puyallup campus. This year's family fun nights will begin at 6:30 p.m. on 10/8, 12/6, 2/11 & 4/24.
Along with updates on Parent Org. & school events, we will have a fun evening of dinner, games & contests. The entire family is invited, but complimentary childcare is also provided in the classrooms.

For inquiries please contact


Sponsored Events

The Parent Organization sponsors many activities and events throughout the school year including the Fall Carnival, school assemblies, recess equipment, St. Francis House Armory dinners, Book Fair, Lip Sync, staff appreciation lunches, coffee after Mass, and the school lunch program. Volunteers are always needed. Getting involved in the Parent Organization is a great way to get to know the other parents and earn your commitment hours! Please see our Sponsored Events page for information about our upcoming events.


The Parent Organization also runs several of the school fundraising programs including aluminum can recycling, cookie dough sales, Christmas wreaths, candy sales, box tops, soup labels, and used uniforms. Please see our Fundraisers page for more information about our fundraising programs.

Leadership Committee

The Parent Organization works in cooperation with the School Commission and Parish Council. The Parent Org. Chairperson is a voting member of the School Commission and acts as a liaison between these two organizations. Please see our Committee Members page for a list of all committee members and contact information.

Volunteering Opportunities

Parent Org. has numerous wonderful upcoming school events and fundraisers with volunteering opportunities. If you are interesting in volunteering for any of these events, please contact the Parent Org. Board.

  • New Family Night
  • School Picnic
  • Carnival
  • Used Uniforms Sales
  • Room Parents
  • Fundraiser Product Distribution
  • Parent Org. General Meeting Childcare
  • Box Top & Label for Education Clipping & Collection
  • Recess Volunteers
  • Lunch Room Volunteers
  • Library Volunteers