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Enriching Minds

For over 60 years All Saints Catholic School has provided academic excellence to the Puyallup Valley and surrounding communities. At All Saints, the Catholic Faith is evident in the lives of the faculty, staff, parents and students, and reinforced in daily school activities. This builds the whole child to be an apostle of Christ and meet the academic challenges of high school and beyond with confidence and grace.


Students at All Saints Catholic School are provided with rich academic experiences that allow them to not only meet, but to exceed state standards and Archdiocese of Seattle curriculum standards. The curriculum combined with excellent instructional practices create classrooms where the needs of all students are met. From basic skills to application of higher-level thinking skills, students are encouraged to strive for the highest level of achievement.

All Saints Catholic School has classrooms at both the Fife campus and Puyallup campus. At the Fife campus, classrooms include Pre-School, Pre-K and Kindergarten through 2nd Grade. The Puyallup campus houses Toddlers, Pre-School, Pre-K and 3rd through 8th grades. Each classroom is named for a patron saint. The classrooms in Fife have been recently updated with new carpet and fresh paint. The Puyallup classrooms received upgraded wiring and are in the process of receiving new windows.