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Dear Families,

Thank you for your interest in attending All Saints Catholic School. 

We are excited that you are choosing to be a part of our expanding program.

All Saints Catholic School is committed to providing an educationally challenging program in an environment where students and their families are valued and accepted, and our faith is lived out daily.

The energy and excitement are high as we continue the journey toward Growing in Faith, Enriching Minds and Inspiring Service. We are delighted that you intend to be a part of the All Saints Catholic School community.


Amy Orm


All Saints Catholic School Student Learning Expectations


All Saints Catholic School Students Are:

Growing In Faith ~

Demonstrate  knowledge of Catholic beliefs, practices, and traditions

Participate in prayer, liturgical, and sacramental experiences

Demonstrate respect of self, others, and God


Enriching Minds ~

Demonstrate grade-level appropriate knowledge and skills in all academic areas

Demonstrate critical and independent thinking skills to solve problems in everyday life

Set goals and work to accomplish them


Inspiring Service ~

Develop a tradition of service

Contribute positively to the community and church

Work actively for the common good