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Growing in Faith

At All Saints Catholic School, the gospel message is evident in the lives of the faculty, staff, parents and students, and reinforced in their daily school activities. This builds the whole child to be an apostle of Christ. Values promoting understanding, compassion, and service to those in need are an important part of the Catholic school experience. As a faith community, we encourage students to accept others rather than exclude them, and to understand the difference between right and wrong. Students commit themselves to the service of God through service to others.

The school and parish work collaboratively to help the students grow in their faith. We encourage families to be active participants in their local parish.


Students begin each day in prayer as a school community before moving to their classrooms. Students also pray as a class before and after each meal and snack. The Early Learning Center students participate in monthly prayer services. 


In Grades Kindergarten through eight, students attend Mass weekly. Each week students act as lectors at Mass providing opportunities for public speaking and learning how to be an active participant in the parish.  Students in grades five through eight serve as altar servers at daily Mass. 

Faith Experience

Each grade level participates in at least one faith building field trip or activity. Some examples include second grade students travelling to St. James Cathedral in Seattle to celebrate their “Second Communion” allowing our students to participate in the Eucharist as a school community. A historical trip to a church in Steilacoom as well as a retreat walk at Chambers Bay allows the fourth grade students to both gain understanding of the historical significance of the church in our area and engage with nature. Fifth grade students spend dedicated time with Father Michael in a teaching Mass that allow the students to fully understand the Mass and the importance of their involvement in Mass. Our 7th graders travel to Seattle to serve at a community dinner.

Religious Education

Homeroom teachers provide religious instruction, following the recommended curriculum of the Archdiocese of Seattle. Additionally, teachers infuse religious instruction into the various curriculum areas.

Classroom Visits

Father Michael, Pastor of All Saints Parish and St. Martin of Tours Parish, join our classrooms with both informal and formal visits, allowing our students to engage in meaningful conversations and learning activities with a Faith Leader.